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Dr. Neil Smith is a Urological Surgeon with a special interest and 25 years experience in Microscopic Vasectomy Reversal on Gold Coast area. He discuss and offer both vasectomy reversal and sperm extraction as part of an IVF cycle as a legitimate alternative to vasectomy reversal.  He also offer a complete and honest discussion on the management alternatives and provide realistic statistics on pregnancy rates.

Vasectomy reversal is surgery to undo a vasectomy. After a successful vasectomy reversal, sperm are again present in the semen and you may be able to get your partner pregnant.

There are many factors affect the success of  a reversal in achieving pregnancy, including time since a vasectomy, partner age, definition of success, and vasectomy doctor experience and training.


Arrange timely appointments at Dr. Neil W Smith's Clinic by ringing 07 5532 4333 and speaking with his friendly secretaries or Visit their website @ https://www.vasectomyreversalsgoldcoast.com.au.


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